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The EXPW model clutch is old technology and has been replaced by the Steel Nytro.
We have a few remaining EXPW clutches in stock. They do work well, especially for recreational drivers

Horstman EXPW Clutch Parts
Part # Description List CLOSEOUT
H3226 Billet 1 Disc Drum, 9T #35 74.10 59.28
H3254 Billet 1 Disc Drum, 10T #219 74.10 59.28
H3229 Billet 2 Disc Drum, 10T #35 76.93 61.54
H5138 Lever (weight), standard 7.96 6.37
H3298 Lever (weight), heavy / tall 8.35 6.68
H903214 Lever (weight), tall / long 8.35 6.68
Key, Woodruff
Part# 'PK-284'
Clutch Key
Sell $1.00

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