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Please Note: An American made chassis is not always American rail. As a matter of fact, most newer models chassis are International Rail.  Most foreign manufactured chassis are International rail, but not all.  If you don't know what pattern your chassis is, measure the center-to-center distance of the rails.  It should match one of the dimensions above.

Also, International Rails come in different sizes. Some American made chassis are 1-1/8" rail and some are 1-1/4" rail.  Some European made chassis are 28mm, 30mm or 32mm.  Not all International Rail engine mounts will fit all rail sizes.  Some will fit 1-1/8" and 30mm, but not 1-1/4" and 32mm (and vice versa).  As a rule, Burris brand engine mounts are machined to fit all sizes of International rails.  You can measure the size of your rails with a dial caliper to make sure what you have.  Many newer American made chassis that claim to be 1.25" rail actually are 1-1/4" rail for some but not all of the chassis.  Check your engine mount frame rails to be sure before ordering an engine mount.

1/4/06 UPDATE. I have become aware of certain chassis manufacturers making engine mounting rails unique. They do not match either the American or International pattern.  They probably want to sell you one of their own manufactured engine mount. Please be aware of this.
Authored by Mark Rieken.

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