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C50 Engines

Parts Schematic
C50 Parts Schematic

"Trick" Parts

Fabric Air Filter

K&N Air Filter

Spark Plugs


Comer C50 Parts

Part# 'C51-001'
Starter Assy.
List $171.68
Sell $154.51

Part# 'C50-003'
Stop Switch
List $22.94
Sell $20.65

Part# 'C50-004'
Starter Spring
Self Winding
List $33.57
Sell $30.21

Part# 'C50-006'
Starter Pulley

List $39.24
Sell $35.32

Part# 'C50-007'
Rope, Starter
List $8.25
Sell $7.43

Part# 'C51-008'
Starter Handle
List $14.66
Sell $13.19

Part# 'C50-025'
Starter Hook
List $13.90
Sell $12.51

Part# 'C50-026'
Spring, Starter Hook
List $5.44
Sell $4.90

Part# 'C50-027'
Ratchet Pin
List $10.01
Sell $9.01

Part# 'C50-034'
Exhaust Muffler
List $132.40
Sell $119.16

Part# 'C50-035AM'
Exhaust Gasket
Sell $3.70

Part# 'C50-036'
Exhaust Bolt
List $2.72
Sell $2.45

Part# 'C51-037'
Exhaust Guard
New Style
List $43.73
Sell $39.36

Part# 'C51-037-01'
Exhaust Support
List $25.64
Sell $23.08

Part# 'C50-040'
List $348.36
Sell $313.52

Part# 'C50-041'
List $6.88
Sell $6.19

Part# 'C50-042'
Main Bearing
List $25.04
Sell $22.54

Part# 'C50-048'
Roller Needle Bearing
Upper Rod
List $39.61
Sell $35.65

Part# 'C50-052'
Piston Assembly
Specify 'A' or 'B'
List $156.63
Sell $140.97

Part# 'C50-053'
Piston Pin
List $12.37
Sell $11.13

Part# 'C50-054'
Cir Clip
List $2.16
Sell $1.94

Part# 'C50-056'
Ring Set
Both Rings Included.
List $34.74
Sell $31.27

Base Gasket - Aftermarket
.015", .020", .030"
Sell $1.75

Part# 'C50-060'
Head Bolt

Sell $2.05

Part# 'C50-069AM'
Intake Gasket
Sell $1.30

Part# 'C50-070'
Intake Manifold
List $36.48
Sell $32.83

Part# 'C50-072'
Manifold Bolt
List $1.88
Sell $1.69

Part# 'C50-074'
Carburetor, Dell'Orto
OEM Comer
List $188.33
Sell $169.50

Part# 'C50-084'
Oil Seal
OEM Comer
List $25.54
Sell $22.99

Part# 'C50-084AM'
"Gold" Oil Seal
Carbon / Teflon
List $9.82
Sell Each $8.35

Spring, Clutch
Part# 'C50-085'
Clutch Spring
(3 PC required)
List $12.11
Sell $10.90

Hub, Clutch
Part# 'C50-086'
Clutch Hub
List $92.79
Sell $83.51

Shoe, Clutch - EACH
Part# 'C50-087'
Clutch Shoe
(3 PC required)
List $42.35
Sell $38.12

Clutch Shoe Assembly
Part# 'C50-089'
Clutch Shoe Assy.
Springs Included
List $165.52
Sell $148.97

Clutch Sleeve
Part# 'C50-091'
Clutch Sleeve
List $22.58
Sell $20.32

Clutch Bearing
Part# 'C50-092'
Clutch Bearing
List $24.30
Sell $21.87

RH Clutch Nut
Part# 'C50-094'
Clutch Nut, RH
List $20.81
Sell $18.73

Drum, Clutch 10T #219
Part# 'C50-099-02'
Clutch Drum,
10T #219
List $113.10
Sell $101.79

Gasket Set
Part# 'C50-207'
Gasket Set
OEM Comer
List $11.89
Sell $10.70

Bolt, Upper Ignition Case
Part# 'C50-419'
Upper Ignition Case
List $1.88
Sell $1.69

Washer, Exhaust
Part# 'C50-420'
Exhaust Washer
List $2.00
Sell $1.80

Coil, Complete - Blue
Part# 'C50-425'
Blue Coil Complete
No Longer Available.

Coil, Complete - FJ - NEW STYLE
Part# 'C50-425-02'
Black Coil Complete
List $212.19
Sell $190.97

Fuel Tank, Complete
Part# 'C50-426'
Fuel Tank
List $107.91
Sell $97.12

Cap, Fuel Tank
Part# 'C50-427'
Cap, Fuel Tank
List $14.66
Sell $13.19

Bracket, Fuel Tank
Part# 'C50-428'
Bracket, Fuel Tank
List $11.89
Sell $10.70

Shut-Off, Fuel Tank
Part# 'C50-430'
Fuel Tank Tap
Shut-Off Complete
List $22.55
Sell $20.30

Bushing, Manifold
Part# 'C50-431'
Bushing, Manifold
List $10.22
Sell $9.20

O-Ring, Manifold Bushing
Part# 'C50-432'
Manifold Bushing
List $5.22
Sell $4.70

Bolt, Carb Locking
Part# 'C50-433'
Carb Locking
List $2.72
Sell $2.45

Screw, Idle
Part# 'C50-434'
Idle Screw
List $13.75
Sell $12.38

Spring, Idle Screw
Part# 'C50-435'
Idle Screw Spring
List $3.96
Sell $3.56

Jet, Carb (5 Choices)
Carb Jet
54, 55, 56, 57, 58
List $6.25
Sell $5.60

Needle, Carb Inlet
Part# 'C50-437'
Carb Inlet Needle
List $24.26
Sell $21.83

Float Pin
Part# 'C50-438'
Float Pin
List $5.44
Sell $4.90

Screw, Float Chamber
Part# 'C50-439'
Float Chamber
List $2.52
Sell $2.27

Washer, Float Chamber Screw
Part# 'C50-440'
Float Chamber Screw
List $2.59
Sell $2.33

Carb Top & Carb Slide Kit
Part# 'C50-442'
Carb Top & Slide
(Mixture Screw Set)
List $73.05
Sell $65.75

Rubber Carb Top
Part# 'C50-442-01'
Rubber Carb Top
List $4.08
Sell $3.67

Gasket, Carb Top OEM
Part# 'C50-442-06'
Carb Top Gasket
OEM Comer
List $4.40
Sell $3.96

Fuel Filter with Cover
Part# 'C50-443'
Fuel Filter with Cover
List $20.40
Sell $18.36

Fuel Filter
Part# 'C50-443-01'
Fuel Filter
List $14.66
Sell $13.19

Float, Carburetor
Part# 'C50-450'
Carb Float
List $20.81
Sell $18.73

Gasket, Chamber
Part# 'C50-451'
Chamber Gasket
(Float Bowl Gasket)
List $5.14
Sell $4.63

Chamber, Carb Float
Part# 'C50-452'
Carb Float Chamber
List $31.15
Sell $28.04

Part# 'C50-453'
Flywheel, Selettra
No Longer Available.

Part# 'C50-453-02'
Flywheel, "FJ"
List $207.21
Sell $186.49

Spacer, Coil
Part# 'C50-457'
Spacer, Coil
List $3.44
Sell $3.10

C50 Clutch Tools
C50 clutch tool

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