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Horstman Clutch Tools

Clutch Puller from Horstman
Part# 'H304400'
Horstman Clutch Puller
Fits most Horstman
Sell $22.80

Spanner Wrench for Reaper Clutches
Part# 'H490044'
Reaper Clutch Holde

Sell $22.80

Tomar Clutch Tools

Clutch Wrench for Stellar 2 & TD23
Part# 'T329800'
Clutch Holder for TD23 Clutches
Fits Stellar 2 clutches also.

Sell $22.66

Clutch Puller for Stellar 2 & TD23 Clutches
Part# 'T329900'
Clutch Puller for TD23 Clutches.
Fits Stellar 2 clutches also.

Sell $28.81

Clutch Wrench for Stellar 4 Clutches
Part# 'T400100'
Stellar 4 Clutch Holder

Sell $25.02

Clutch Holder for TD22 Clutch
Part# 'T379800'
TD22 Clutch Holder

Sell $21.21

More Clutch Tools

SMC Vortex Torx Wrench
Part# 'SMC 4055'
Torx Wrench, T25
Sell $9.00

Vortex Spring Tool
Part# 'SMC 4018'
Spring Tool
Fits SMC Vortex Clutches
Sell $15.00

SMC Axle Clutch Collar Wrench
Part# 'SMC 2028'
Collar Wrench
Fits SMC Axle Clutch
Sell $10.50

Bully Spring Height Gauge
Part# 'BB 098-999'
Bully Spring Height Gauge

Sell $52.80

Hilliard Inferno Shoe Prep Tool
Part# '8444-9U-029'
Shoe Prep Tool
Blueprinting Tool
For all Hilliard Clutches
Sell $45.00

Comer C50 / K80 Clutch Puller
Part# 'KACC 125'
Clutch Puller for Comer C50
and Comer K80 engines.
List $90.76
Sell $79.36

Comer C50 / K80 Shoe Tool
Part# 'K80 Shoe Tool'
This tool makes reassembling the
Comer clutch much easier.

Sell $34.95

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