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Briggs Breather Bypass Kit
Part# '555688'
Breather Bypass Kit
OEM Briggs
Fits Animal or World Formula.
List $35.00
Sell $31.50

Breather Adapter for Valve Cover
Part# 'CK-1471'
Breather Adapter
Fits Animal Valve Cover

Sell $6.30

Aluminum Pulse Fitting
Part# 'APF'
Aluminum Pulse Fitting
Fits Animal Side Cover
List $6.75
Sell $6.53

Pulse and Oil Plug Set
Part# 'RR BPOP3'
Aluminum Pulse Fitting
& Oil Plug Set
Black Anodized
Sell $19.99

Plastic Pulse Fitting
Part# 'EC 2530'
Plastic Pulse Fitting
Fits Animal Side Cover

Sell $3.00

Breather Assembly - OEM
Part# '555073'
Breather Assembly
OEM Briggs Raptor
same as #791779
Sell $10.00

Grommet - Breather Assembly
Part# '555074'
Grommet Only
Fits Breather Assembly
same as #692187
Sell $3.00

Gasket - Breather (OEM)
Part# '555036'
Breather Gasket
Same as #27549S
Sell Each $2.20
Sell 10PC $19.85

Screw - Breather Assembly
Part# '555043'
Screw (OEM)
For Breather Assembly
same as #691666
Sell $2.05

Aftermarket Parts

Vent Tube Kit
Part# 'G1855'
Vent Tube Kit
Fits Raptor Breather.
List $12.90
Sell $8.25

EC Briggs PVC Kit
Part# 'EC280BK'
EC Briggs PVC Kit
Fits Raptor

Sell $24.95

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