How to Video: Chain Breaker

Animal Tech Updates:
555690 Heat Disperser Installation Guide
NEW Junior 1 and 2 Restrictors

Bully Clutch Rebuild Guide

Engine Rail Mounting Pattern
Measurements for determining if you have American or International rail engine mount.

Seat Mounting
Measurements for proper seat installations for Tony Karts.

To Walbro Page Good news for racers running the Walbro WB3 carb.  From the 1998 I.K.F. Tech Manual, rule #616.7.4 Metering Diaphragms: May be captive or non-captive. Captive diaphragms may be modified to be non-captive, no other modifications allowed.
Now what that means, for those who sometimes wonder why their pop-off settings seem to be erratic, you should have consistent pop-off pressures by switching to non-captive. The captive metering lever sometimes binds causing pop-off variations. Walbro offers a non-captive diaphragm rather than modifying the existing one.

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