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Tire Mount Tool
Part# 'RR TMT'
Tire Mount Tool
(Tire Bander)
Use for 6" Slicks
Sell $85.00

TS Tire Bander
Part# 'TS-6720'
TS Tire Bander
Extra Heavy Duty

Sell $85.00

Tire Mount Strap
Part# 'RB96'
Tire Mount Strap
Rocket Boy Strap
List $52.00
Sell $47.85

Deluxe Bead Breaker from RLV
Part# 'RLV 0028'
Deluxe Bead Breaker
Fits 5" & 6"

Sell $33.56

Hydraulic Bead Breaker
Part# 'LNHBB'
Hydraulic Bead Breaker
Fits 6" Wheels Only
5" Wheel Adapter Available.
Sell $225.00

"Jimmy Hook" Tire Remover
Part# 'WMS JH'
"Jimmy Hook"
Tire Remover
List $21.60
Sell $20.25

Tire Changer
Part# 'LNTCH'
Tire Changer
Extra Heavy Duty
5" or 6" US wheels
Sell $135.00

Pad for Semel Breaker
Part# 'SE-3975'
Pad for Breaker
Fits Semel Tire Machine
Sell $19.46

Tire Changing Tool
Part# 'PP112'
Tire Changing Tool
Fits 5" Wheels only
List $119.95
Sell $99.98

Tire Balancer
Part# 'PM-43'
Tire Balancer
Fits US Pattern Wheels
Sell $49.13

Deluxe Tire Balancer
Part# 'PM-43D'
Deluxe Tire Balancer
Fits US Pattern Wheels
Sell $61.80

Wheel Weights
Part# 'AZ 1820'
Wheel Weights
12 - 0.25oz pieces
Sell $3.95

4 Way Valve Core Repair Tool
Part# 'LA 50274'
4 Way Valve
Core Repair Tool

Sell $4.25

Tire Stagger Tape
Part# 'LA 50870'
Tire Stagger Tape
10' x 1/4" wide.

Sell $5.50

Tire Mount Lube

Paint Marker Pen
Part# 'RR 96832'
Paint Marker Pen for Tires
Aluminum Color
List $6.74
Sell $5.99

Tire Durometer from Longacre
Part# 'LA 50553'
Tire Durometer
Racing Tire Hardness Tester
Comes with plastic case.
Sell $53.95

Tire Gauges

3M 4-1/2" Bristle Disc for Tire Cleaning
Part# 'RR 3MBD'
3M 4.5" Bristle Disc
Clean your tire w/o heating!
Attaches to your 4.5" angle grinder.
List $37.62
Sell Each $31.96

Rollo-Prep Tire Prep Applicator
Part# 'ROLLO'
Tire Prep Applicator
In Action Picture

Sell $29.60

Rollo-Prep Spare Roller
Part# 'ROLLO-R'
"Rollo-Prep" Spare Roller

Sell $4.05

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