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Part# 'SMK-PRO'
Pro Seat Mount Kit
"6 Bolt System"
Aluminum washers
From Kart-Master
Sell $29.99

Part# 'MP-095270'
Pro Seat Mount Kit
From Margay
Nylon washers

Sell $24.41

Part# 'STZ0150'
Tillett Seat Mount Kit
Plastic washers
From RLV
List $16.70
Sell $14.53

Part# 'VK320'
Std. Seat Mount Kit
4 Each Bolt, Washer,
Nut & Grommet
Sell $8.07

Part# 'RR-SMLP'
Low profile washer kit
Reinforces mounting
Sold each (1 side)
Sell $11.00

Part# 'RR-SCSWS-8'
Washer Kit

Set = 1 inner + 1 outer
Sell Set $4.99

Part# 'AZ-1883'
Azusa Rubber Grommet Kit
8 Rubber Grommets &
8 Fender Washers.
Sell $4.75

Part# 'AZ-8316'
Rubber Grommet
3/8"ID x1.25"OD x 3/8"
Sell Each $0.30
Sell 10PC $2.40

Part# 'STZ0120'
RLV Nylon Seat Washer Kit
10PC set
Old Pt# RLV3003
Sell $4.40

Part# 'PPSW5'
Aluminum Seat Spacer
5mm thick
Sell $1.38

Part# 'PPSW10'
Aluminum Seat Spacer
10mm thick
Sell $1.66

Part# 'PPSW20'
Aluminum Seat Spacer
20mm thick
Sell $2.32

Conical Washers

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