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Digatron Leads, Mounts, & Parts

Part# Description
TS60IRF-E Tach Sensor 5'
TT-102 CHT Sensor, with EGT-style connector
WT60RRF-A Water Temp Sensor 5'
EG60SMX-B EGT Sensor w/ clamp (30 series)
EG60SBN-B EGT Sensor w/ clamp (46 & 50 series)
EG-EXT EGT Extension
MP60KMXMX-A MPH Sensor Assy.
MP12MX-A MPH Sensor
MP60XMXMX MPH Extension
CLM-A MPH Axle Collar with Magnets
DI-118 Panel Mount Light
HI-118 Helmet Mount Light
HI-EXT-5 Extension for HI-118
MBK-B Mount, fits DT46 & DT50 series ("U" Shaped)
FLPB44003 Screw, memory gauge
PGEMX EGT shorting bar
PGCRF CHT shorting bar
MPH-XFMR MPH calibration mod.
SWUSPSTN Switch, memory gauge
BR36BN-D Beacon Receiver BNC connector

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