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Part# 'CL-1225'
Ruixing Carburetor
Clone 196
Sell $18.75

Part# 'CL-1225-BP'
Ruixing Carburetor
Clone 196
Sell $28.00

Tillotson Clone Carb

Part# 'CL-1320'
Intake Gasket
Carb to Insulator
Sell Each $0.56
Sell 10PC $5.00

Part# 'CL-1315'
Filter Cup Gasket
Cup to Carb

Sell $2.22

Part# 'CL-1325'
Insulator Gasket
Insulator to Head
Sell Each $0.56
Sell 10PC $5.00

Part# 'CL-1235'
Round Hole
Sell $3.00

Part# 'CL-1345'
Carb Stud

Sell $1.70

Part# 'RR-6NLOC'
Carb Nut
6mm flanged nut
Sell $0.40

O-Ring, Float Bowl
Part# 'CL-1341'
Float Bowl Gasket
Sell $1.45

Carb Float
Part# 'CL-1238'
Carb Float

Sell $2.80

Inlet Needle
Part# 'CL-1239'
Inlet Needle

Sell $1.85

Pin - Float
Part# 'CL-1238A'
Float Pin

Sell $0.58

Throttle Return Spring
Part# 'CL-1231'
Throttle Return Spring
Used with top plate.
Sell $1.10

Regulation Spring
Part# 'CL-1232'
Fine Regulation Spring
Used with linkage rod.
Sell Each $1.10

Throttle Linkage Rod
Part# 'CL-1230'
Throttle Linkage Rod

Sell $1.25

Idle Jet
Part# 'CL-1241'
Idle Jet
"Low RPM Jet"
Sell $2.80

Choke Lever
Part# 'CL-1228'
Choke Lever

Sell $1.45

Air Filter Adapters and Choke Holders


Main Jet - Stock
Part# 'CL-1245'
Main Jet Stock

Sell $1.72

Main Jet - Sized
Main Jet Sized
See Drop Down
Sell Each $3.00

Jet Block - Empty
Part# 'WMS CJB'
Clone Jet Block
For Main Jets
Jets Sold Separately
Sell $8.00

Emulsion Tube - Stock
Part# 'CL-1250'
Emulsion Tube Stock
Sell $3.87

Emulsion Tube - Trick
Part# 'DJ-1251'
Emulsion Tube Trick
"E-Tube" Trick
Sell $8.00

NEW Tillotson

Filter Adapters

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