Bully Clutch Rebuild

We are replacing the linings, floaters, and thrust washers and bearings to close the air gap. Read Bully instruction sheet provided with the clutch before starting. Bully set up instructions can be found at www.out2win.com. Tools required for the task:

Remove the snap ring, the drive drum, and the thrust bearing assembly. Check the air gap before disassembly:

Remove the four screws with a hardened 5/32" allen. Check the thickness of the worn disc and the new disc to determine the spacers required to restore the air gap.

The old lining is .005" thinner than new lining and glazed.

Bully offers two thickness of shims to correct the air gap, .005" and .010".  Install or remove shims as necessary to achieve an air gap between .040" and .045".

Check the pressure plate for flatness when disassembled.

Reassembly clutch and verify air gap. Be sure to use a torque wrench on the four assembly screws.

Install new thrust washers and bearing. Buller supplies a grease for this bearing. Apply very little grease to this bearing. A short bearing life is better than too much grease.

Reinstall drive drum and snap ring.

Verify spring heights. Refer to set up sheet for starting point for the desired stall speed. Break-in new linings according to the instruction sheet provided with the clutch.
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